EWV offers a full range of services

  • Representation and development of actors, directors, producers, and writers. 

  • Active development and production of motion pictures, television concepts, commercials, stories, and scripts with added emphasis on sourcing potential remakes that are suitable for adaption between the East and West. 

  • Procurement of production finance, sponsorship & product placement, and the arrangement of international co-productions for motion pictures, television programs and commercials.

  • Consultation for corporate deals, mergers, and acquisitions focused on cross border transactions and international capital market strategy. 


Film Finance and Packaging

  • Project and script development supervision

  • Branding

  • Licensing

  • Endorsements

  • Digital content and social media strategy

Development and Production

  • Film

  • Television

  • Commercial

  • Music video

  • Concerts and Live Events

Management Agency

  • Representation and management

  • Business and legal affairs

  • Publicity and promotion